There’s nothing new in the world, everything has already been discovered and invented to death and then fifty ways sideways, up and down and back again. There are $50 Billion companies with as much in inventory in stores all over the country and sales people all over the world that dominate many industries. Then there’s you with your tiny little seed of an idea with no money, no connections and not even a website.

Who are you to get started?

Who’s going to listen to you?

If you have an idea for something that you want to see out in the world… DO IT! Why? Because it hasn’t been done by YOU, that’s why you should do it anyway.

You don’t have to compete with the big boys; you have something far more valuable… YOU! You can grow a business in unique and authentic ways that big companies cannot. As a single entity you can engage with people on a deeply personal level. People need and will relate to that authentic personality. You can elicit feelings a person yearns to feel, to make them think and feel understood, Big Corpo can’t compete with you on this level.

In the Connection Economy people want what you have. People need you and you are the perfect person to give it to them. People that have an affinity with you will find you and want to connect with you. Not because you do everything perfectly, not because you crafted a splendid ad campaign that ‘rocks,’ not because you ‘crushed’ it on social media, but because you decided to have the courage to put yourself out there and be who you are.

You’ve already earned the Knowledge and Wisdom needed to do the things you can.

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