Passion Is Not Enough

I jumped out of planes.

Bungee jumped

Performed stand up comedy.

I was conquering my fears.

But still couldn’t get my music out into the world.

I didn’t know it back them but I became ‘Overly concerned with what other people think.’

People looking at me paralysed me.

I didn’t start with the problem I developed it over time.

The fear of being looked at, of being VISIBLE is a killer.

If you’re not where you want to be and want to get out into the world because you believe on some level you’re playing small, consider the possibility that you silently don’t want to be seen.

Who’s going to listen?

Why should they listen?

Who am I?

Some celebrities have nothing to say and are famous for being famous.

They’re famous because they made themselves visible.

You Are Enough

The ability to show up is more important than your ability.


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