Passion Is Not Enough

All successful business gurus will tell you to go where the money is. If the industry you’ve chosen doesn’t make a million dollars then you better get the hell out of dodge. You fool, what were you thinking? You’re also told to NOT fall in love with your product because it’s all about the numbers and numbers don’t lie. The cold, objective, logical and detached view  will tell you to get rid of what you’ve passionately worked for your whole adult life and go into a more profitable niche because there’s more money. Don’t worry if the product or service doesn’t hold any meaning for you, it just business.

This makes sense to a person that’s in LOVE with the process, the BUSINESS of BUSINESS and find’s their ‘flow’ when putting deals together. I know and have known business owners that become giddy when talking about marketing, sales and business, they’ll PASSIONATELY talk for hours about all the deals they’ve done and are doing. If this sounds like you, with the right strategy in place there’s no reason why you won’t make multiple millions. Many people have gone before you and many will come after you, why not you?

What if you’re a musician? What if you’re a holistic healer? What if you’re a writer? Are you willing to give up your craft to get in the trenches of a ‘more profitable’ business and crush, dominate and humiliate the competition? You don’t have to because there are many successful entrepreneurs making money in all kinds of niches with all kinds of products and services. I can point to millionaires in the quilting space, baby dolls clothes patterns, jazz piano videos, scrapbooking, peanuts, cakes, there are millionaires everywhere. In today’s society, there is a million dollar niche for everything.

Be advised if you have passion for a subject and give it up believing some other ‘thing’ can make you more money because a business guru says so, I have no reservations you’ll be able to do it, but after all the hard work and heavy lifting you’ll end up with a day job that pays very well that you have no interest in.

You have a talent that only you can deliver. You are the greatest miracle in the world. If you don’t wake up in the morning to do what you know you can do your life will have very little meaning. A life with money means nothing with unrealized passion. The key to wealth is how you leverage the value you can create with your unique talents. Follow the grain in your own wood and have the courage to believe in you and the world will shower you with gold.

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