If you had the power all those years ago to see what your future life would look like today, you’d think: “That’s not my life, that’s for someone else” because you knew deep down with certainty of the bright future all planned out ready and waiting for you. All these years later and now here you are wondering ‘How did I get here?’ It’s not only how the oracle said it was going to be, it’s worse.

Somewhere along the line you were hypnotized into thinking you’re smaller than you really are and bought into all kinds of limitations set by yourself. Seduced into listening to everyone else, unconsciously buying into the belief systems of others you let the mind of other people take prominence over your own.

Even though you know keeping the roots of a plant in a tiny pot you get a tiny tree and put the tree in a forest and you get a giant tree, you still keep yourself small, placing belief and trust in other people and things, distrusting your own thinking, denying your own intuition, doubting yourself and what you are really capable of, which has now led you to accept as much pain as you’re willing to receive.

It’s never too late to do the original plan; with all your knowledge and experience you’ve gained over the years, you can now do it better than you ever could before. You have the power to do anything when you listen to and trust your own judgement. No one knows better than you how to do the things you know how to do. If ever there was a time to do your thing, that time is still now.

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