Passion Is Not Enough

“What are you doing down there?”

I told her it was cooler and she should try it.

I worked for a mobile catering company and we served outside catering for football clubs and rugby clubs or anyone celebrating an end of season victory. As a local catering company our job was to travel out to their location and provide a five-course meal for about two hundred people.

We’d arrive and set up the mobile ovens in their small kitchen. These mobile industrial ovens cooked hundreds of steaks at a time, needless to say the kitchens got very hot. You can imagine having a couple of ovens cooking away and being one of the waiters or washing up staff that has to go in and out of that kitchen.

One night the heat from the ovens became so hot it was completely unbearable, the heat had risen to the ceiling and was coming back down. Heat from the ceiling to about a foot of the ground was so dense you could hardly breath.

I discovered if you got low down on the floor it was cool. From the ground upwards of about a foot it was amazingly cool, you could actually get underneath the heat.

So I’m fourteen, laying on the floor looking up at other people coming in and out of the kitchen door. This was one of many introductions into the wonderful world of manual labour.

It wasn’t until thirty or forty of those types of jobs later that I discovered marketing and sales. After all those years and jobs I couldn’t believe I’d lived for so long on this planet and had never made the connection to how I could make my own money. As a musician early on I thought if you were good at what you do you would get somewhere. Getting ‘somewhere’ in my head meant I would have a life, which implies I must have made some money ‘somewhere’ along the way.

When I get into a subject I go deep. Through my travels in psychology and persuasion land of marketing and sales I got into the whole area of propaganda. You don’t realize how deep this stuff goes until you venture down the rabbit hole.

Turns out the system you and I were born into was designed for us to go from school to a job, which invariably means manual labour. When I was at school we had government programs called ‘School to Work.’

The System we live in wasn’t designed to show you and me how to make our own money, it’s designed for us to be put in our place and stay there. Economists before our time mapped out our whole life from when we leave school to when we retire.

The system or the infrastructure that exists today was built to benefit the dominant minority that built it, again that isn’t you or me.

Took me many moons to understand all of this, but if you want what you want in this life, you have to build your own infrastructure, your own system.

What do I mean?

Let’s call typical day-to-day ‘modern’ life ‘The System.’

This day-to-day System trained you and me to work manually for someone else for an hourly wage from the day we started school.

This System to function needs manual workers to uphold that System. It is structured in such a way that there’s no need for you to think about going out and making it on your own.

You were trained to produce and consume, to make stuff for people and at the end of the week; you buy other stuff that other people made. Living this way month to month ensures you have no assets to speak of and most everything you buy is a liability. Wealthy or rich people don’t live this way.

Again, if you want what you want, you have to build your own infrastructure, your own system.

I can tell you there is something that you’re good at that you can potentially get paid to do for someone else. Your job is to put that VALUE in front of another person who can benefit from your skillset. Building a system or an infrastructure to make that happen should be your number one goal. The system I’m talking about you building requires that you communicate what it is that you do and a method of being compensated for that VALUE.

You only have to build and have one such system in place and you would be good to go.

Now, if you’re consistent in getting ideal clients into your system you’ll get consistent cash flow that means you can start to live on your own terms and live in The System and all it offers without being dependent on The System.

If you want Freedom, build your own system so you can gain The System.

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