I was asleep in the van with the heater on and my mobile was ringing. I opened my eyes, sat up and with my official awake and ready for action voice clicked the green button to accept the call:

“Steve speaking.”

The call was from head office informing me that an alarm had gone off somewhere in South London. As the security guard on shift that night I had to go and pick up the keys and entry codes and then drive out to wherever it was, find the place and turn the alarm off.Passion Is Not Enough

I arrived at the destination somewhere around 3 o’clock in the morning, entering the numbers into the control panel on the wall, I then walked through a lighted tunnel, which came out into quite a large open area.

Normally I’m just sent to corporate buildings around Heathrow airport or some other private building on an industrial estate, but this place was different.

At the end of this open green area was the river Thames with a parked houseboat.

“Interesting, where am I?” I thought to myself.

Passion Is Not EnoughI got onto the outside of the houseboat, there was a keypad by the side of a small door, I looked at my sheet and entered the numbers, the alarm stopped ringing and I entered the houseboat.

I walked down the hallway past some sleeping quarters. At one end of the boat I found a recording room with a keyboard and guitar in there. Cool. I then walked to the other end of the boat and walked into an incredible studio with loads of outboard gear. You wouldn’t believe the studio gear in this room, as a musician its pure porn.Passion Is Not Enough

I’m not sure how I found out where I was but I was on a converted houseboat called the Astoria, owned by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Caps lock omg!


The boat was built in 1911 and moored on the River Thames near Hampton Court. The boat was designed so an entire 90-piece orchestra could play on the deck of the ship. Two Pink Floyd albums, A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell were recorded on the boat, as well as Gilmour’s solo album On An Island. It was also used for mastering the sound of a few of Pink Floyd’s live albums.

Passion Is Not Enough










This happened to me around 1997 when I was buying and learning every self-development book that was out there. I was doing all the Creative Visualization stuff you’re told to do in the books and so I did.

As a musician and bass-player I meditated and imagined myself in a great studio surrounded by expensive recording gear, believing with this vision in my mind I should be able to manifest the same reality – because the books all tell you the universe will deliver.

Now here I was in Dave Gilmour’s studio, it was amazing, as I say – a musician’s dream. The universe had delivered, but there was only one tiny, tiny problem – I was a night security guard called out on a job in the middle of the night to switch off an alarm on somebody else’s property – the studio was amazing, but it was someone else’s.

That’s not the first time I’d realised this phenomenon in my life.

I had done the same thing back in the eighties when I imagined myself owning a beautiful new car. I imagined my hands on the steering wheel, feeling the new leather and I could smell the ‘new car smell,’ and I imagined the engine starting and purring as soon as put the key in the ignition. The universe came through and also delivered that to me.

Only problem was is that I worked for a Renault garage delivering car parts and the occasional new car to clients. The universe did its job and delivered.

It happened again when I imagined I had a lot of money and was pouring gold coins from an urn onto a table, money was flowing and sparkling in the light. This is exactly what happened, but I was collecting money from Pay-And-Display car park machines, taking it back to the office and pouring all the coins onto a table that fed into a machine to be counted. The universe had delivered my vision yet again.

I believe that the universe or whatever other word you want to use does deliver what you ask for. The only problem the universe has is that if you’re not quite sure HOW you’re going to get the things you want, the universe doesn’t know either and has to ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ as best it can. I had received everything I asked for, but the circumstances were not what I wanted at all.

So what’s the problem here?

It’s taken me a long time to understand that to get what it is that you want in this life, you have to be SPECIFIC about what you want and how you’re going to get it.

What do I mean?

Start With The End In Mind And Reverse
Engineer Back To Where You Are

If you have knowledge and experience that you want to share with the world because you believe its valuable and you can be compensated at the same time as you benefit other people, how you image your life to be, you better be SPECIFIC about it or you may end up in circumstances you could never have planned for.

A vision is a clear picture of an ultimate destination, but you must have a detailed plan to accomplish that vision.

The secret is to turn your vision into Goals, Steps and Tasks. The END RESULT is a clearly defined vision, a detailed roadmap to achieve that vision. If you want extra-ordinary success, don’t let the universe interpret what you ask for, give the universe a detailed step-by-step roadmap of what you want and where you want to go so it knows EXACTLY what to manifest.

By the way, the reason the alarm kept going off in Dave Gilmour’s studio is because within the grounds there was an office. In the roof of that office a few thousand bees had decided to build a giant beehive that had gotten so large that the humming was setting the alarm off!

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