Learning Never stops

One of the many reasons why people fail to get started in business is because of the need to know and understand ‘WHY’ something works before starting, it’s just a human trait that some people need to understand WHY they do the things they do. If you spend your entire time learning the ‘WHY’ of why something will or won’t work, it will take a tremendous amount of time, life and energy before you implement anything. And you know the problem with learning is one thing leads to other learning, one thought leads to the next and then another… the learning never stops.

Learning the ‘WHY’ of something, you learn it to the ‘enth’ degree, you’ll dig a hole so deep, you travel so far into the subject you lose your way. You come back confused, overwhelmed with too much information and not sure what to do with it all.  You could potentially write a Ph.D. thesis on anything that you’re studying.

If you really want to move forward with your life, especially to become financially free, I would suggest to you to suspend the need to fully understand something before you act. When you turn on the light switch for example, you don’t need to know how electricity works, you just turn on the light and get on with your life. Transfer this same attitude to marketing, writing sales letters, emails, info products, whatever.

Many times in my early career as a musician, when we went out to a gig and were to play a new song, a lot of the time I didn’t know the full bass line to the new song, but we played the song anyway. No one ever came up to me after the gig and said: “Hey, I noticed you didn’t play x, y, z in bar 3 of the second verse, Do you know what you’re doing?” “Mmm, yeah, your right – I only learned the song this afternoon, I couldn’t remember what to play, sorry.” Build your plane as you taxi down the runway. [If you are actually in the business of building planes, then disregard the last sentence.]

Sometimes it is important to know why you do the things you do, but on many occasions you need to trust yourself, trust the process, have faith in your abilities and what you already know and move forward with what you have. It’s not how much experience you have, it’s not how much knowledge you have, how much you have learned, it’s what you do with what you’ve got. It doesn’t need to be perfect out the gate, but it does need to get done. Jump off and build your wings on the way down.

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