How To Do Anything

We don’t see all the steps we’re supposed to take, so we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy perfecting what it is we are trying to perfect. By the time we have it all together and feel confident to move forward, times have changed, we have changed and half of what we set out to do doesn’t seem relevant any more.

So we procrastinate and repeat the cycle again and begin to learn new things, thinking of something bigger and better we can create, updating our work into the next version, the next evolution.

Take what you have today out the door as it stands because 80% of success is turning up. Have the courage to build what it is that you are trying to build in public. Instead of trying to create this perfect thing, this image of perfection, being to overly concerned with what other people think, just get out there are get started on getting what it is that you’ve been thinking about for the last decade.

The material that you have today, the unfinished, imperfect, ‘my God, who is going to read, watch or listen to this’ must be taken out the door and put in front of at least one other person, preferably a group of persons. Some of them need you and are willing to pay for your valuable knowledge and experience. Its possible you can get to where you want to go with what you’ve already got.

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