Creating great content is not that difficult. The time and concentration you put into your art, video, performance, music, craft or whatever will determine how good it is, its always quality verses quantity. Quality will always come through in your communication if you choose to create quality content. Contrary to what some marketers tell you that you have to promote yourself every time you send out an email, write a blog post, etc., so that people remember who you are. Create a stunning piece of content that adds value to another persons life and they’ll remember you. People know a good article when they read one. People know a good song when they hear one. People know whether a video is good or not.

I’ve watched videos of marketers out there that for the first twenty minutes of their videos tell you how great they are everything they’ve ever done. Maybe it’s the Englishman in me, I don’t care what you say, just show me what you do and let me be the judge. If you are genuinely trying to help me get something from your knowledge and experience, I’ll pick up on it. Create a piece of content that you created for its own sake because it means something to you. If it genuinely means something to you it will mean something to me.

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