Horror of positive thinking

Life can be freakishly hideous, unpredictable and unavoidable. That doesn’t stop the masses from ignoring the deep human history of misery and torment inflicted on other people and ourselves throughout time. The ‘modern’ world teaches us to ignore our own pain and suffering in favour of ‘positive thinking’ about sex, money and health and we’re so attached to this ‘fantasy’ of life that any deviation  is considered abnormal.

Positive thinking has nothing to do with how much a person will or won’t suffer. Some people live very short lives of pain and torment, while others have long fulfilling lives of excess of everything regardless of what they think, say or do. Innocence is no protection from human absurdity.

True wisdom and positive value is found through personal pain and loss. Pain and suffering has character building possibilities built into its architecture. The courage can only be found and exist from a situation where fear was applied, without fear applied to a circumstance you would have gained nothing and gained no courage.

Human virtues cannot exist without the environment of suffering. The adversity offers the occasion for developing and demonstrating a virtue that’s not possible without it. Your pain and distress was a workshop to learn and make things right. Suffering offers the development of character that wouldn’t be possible without it. The knowledge and wisdom you’ve earned and can share with the world couldn’t exist without the pain and suffering you endured that made it possible.

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