Fear of Lack

It’s been a recurring theme in my life to be in basic survival mode, always worried about not having enough money to live. I hardly ever went out to clubs or to see friends, I didn’t have holidays; I never really did anything because I didn’t want to take time away from my business. I knew I was busy with work but I still didn’t stop. You don’t realize it at the time but you work all the time because of living in constant fear of not getting or losing existing clients. The worst part is that I don’t remember enjoying the process of doing any of the work.

When we’re busy trying to make money we forget about living, we forget about all the reasons why we do what we do, why we got into this business in the first place. We’re so busy and demanding of ourselves to create a better life we end up with no life at all. We don’t realize we are stressed out most of the time, which will slowly bring us to our knees in the end anyway.

If you’re living your life busy, busy, busy, doing it, doing it, doing it, then you’re leading your life out of fear, the fear of lack. You don’t believe in your ability to make life work, you doubt or distrust your ability to take care of you, and yet the fear of scarcity could be the very thing that brings it about.

You don’t have to worry about getting enough clients or the fear of losing clients; if clients are going to leave, they’re going to leave if and when they want; you cannot control the outcome of what another person will or won’t do.

If you’re driven by fear you might want to look at the work you do, does it satisfy the needs of your soul? The antidote to fear in business is to become a craftsman of a business that brings you happiness in the work you do and create. A craftsman or an artist does not think about distress or frustration when creating. An artist is absorbed in the flow of doing his or her best work in that moment.

When you have passion for what you do it will shine through everything you do. Love the work you do because you’ll do your best work. Create your best work because you are a craftsman, not because you want to get something from someone. When creating your best work from a feeling of belief and trusting in yourself to deliver, you’ll create a life that brings satisfaction. When customers and clients see you care about your work, they’ll care about you and your work and want to work with you.

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