Passion Is Not Enough

I made the mistake…


After my partner passed away I was running out of money.

What’s the quickest way to make some money?

I saw John, Kate and Mary over their ‘Killing it’ in an industry and I knew I could make money doing that as well.

I spent the next six months creating a funnel marketing system, crafting my message and everything else that goes towards making money online.

I was into it, but I was doing it for the money, on some level I knew this wasn’t right for me, it didn’t fully encompass everything I’m about, what I’m really good at.

All that time, life and effort again to not ‘Pull the trigger.’

My heart was only half in.

I knew I didn’t want to show up like all the shiny ‘professional’ people out there talking about the same things no one want’s to hear anymore.

Just because you can do something does’t mean you should.

My 3 principles if you’re in business or just getting started:

1/ Serve Yourself First

You’ve heard it before but you must have passion for the industry you’re in.

If you’re going into a business because you see John ‘Crushing it’ then you’re already doomed.

You’re building the same mindset as a day job.

All you see is the money.

Unless you’re a psychopathic marketer who only lives for the bottom line, doing something solely for the reason of getting paid is a losing proposition.

Authenticity and meaning have become a social force.

Satisfy YOU first.


2/ WHO Will You Serve?

You cannot help everyone because everyone doesn’t want to be helped.

If you’re casting a wide net in order to catch any and everyone, you’ll end up with all kinds of shit in your net… some of it can be very hard to get out.

Customers and clients are not created equal, some will suck the life blood out of you and others will love you.

Choose wisely.

3/ Show Up.

The Know, Like and Trust philosophy is thrown around a lot, but many pay lip service without actually adhering to it.

The most important part is customers and clients have to Know you before they can like you and trust you.

How do they get to Know you?

You show up.


Showing up fully means putting yourself out into world, not always the shiny, polished ‘professional’ version you ‘think’ people want and should see.

If you don’t let people see the real you, you’ll never fully express yourself.

Don’t become just another ‘me to’ off the conveyor belt from the Fake Factory.


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