Passion Is Not Enough

A long time ago without you even knowing your mind closed the door to possibility, quietly developing plans to keep you safe from getting the things you really wanted from life.

Without your knowledge the ‘barrier to entry’ to the life you really wanted was you. You worked hard believing you were going places, only to find yourself back where you started, you didn’t actually get anywhere. All that energy and ability to do anything but instead you fell onto a safe path that changed you from a purpose to living life the opposite of how you thought it would be, spending a lifetime in jobs you never cared for. You didn’t write the book, you certainly didn’t travel the world or find the amazing perfect partner to share a life.

Now it has come to our attention that your file has surfaced to the front of the queue for review, your case is to be re-opened and re-examined by the person running your head. You have probably been slightly aware that your mind contacted your inner Lt. Columbo some time ago and asked him re-evaluate the evidence for staying protected and hidden from yourself and the world. A lot of time and energy has been spent to find out the real cause to all this disappointing life stuff.

Evidence surfaced in the Supreme Court in your brain that confirms a long list of people, places, thoughts and feelings were unknowingly misrepresented at the trial of what you were supposed to do. Somehow the evidence presented at your trial changed your perspective about how the world works, a judgement was made that caused you to come to the unconscious conclusion that it would be better to hide yourself away and not achieve the goals and dreams you believed in for all those years. The worst part is that no one had the decency to inform you of this decision.

A lot of time has long since passed, but what has come to light is that while examining the past record of disappointment and regret, there was a surprise witness called to the stand who discovered vital information that reveals while you were kept hidden away, you mastered many things and developed very insightful gifts that can profoundly serve other people today. With the new evidence presented a new verdict has been declared with immediate effect.

The new ruling states that under the new law ‘You Can Do What the Bloody Hell You Like Matey’ that you must become the person you need to be that serves you, so you can do right by yourself and make yourself proud. It also states you must forgive yourself for the things you never got around to and take the risk to go as far as you can see. To reach the Special World you’ve longed for your whole life, stop finding evidence to stay where you are (which is everywhere) and find the courage to do the things you know you can. Case closed.

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