The Greatest Enemy

Passion Is Not Enough

I jumped out of planes. Bungee jumped Performed stand up comedy. I was conquering my fears. But still couldn’t get my music out into the world. I didn’t know it back them but I became ‘Overly concerned with what other people think.’ People looking at me paralysed me. I didn’t start with the problem I […]

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Learning Never Stops

Learning Never stops

One of the many reasons why people fail to get started in business is because of the need to know and understand ‘WHY’ something works before starting, it’s just a human trait that some people need to understand WHY they do the things they do. If you spend your entire time learning the ‘WHY’ of […]

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect, It Just Has To Get Done

I once knew a nine-year-old boy that stood on the corner of the street. He was dressed in dirty clothes that were obviously too small. He stood there with his box of old items he probably found in a rubbish skip and was selling each item for 50 pence each; a golf ball, coat hanger, […]

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