Passion Is Not Enough

You have a vast expansive inner world, you’re abilities give you the gift of seeing great things for your future. You’re not short of ideas and know how great your life could be. It’s really quite amazing the opportunities we have open to us today. Unfortunately this vision of life you have for yourself is a fantasy; you’re living in your head. When you do think about your dreams you believe there is too much to do, you won’t be able to handle it if and when you do get it and it costs way too much to get it off the ground anyway.

Building a business isn’t going to happen overnight, the ideas you have in your mind will take a lot of time, life and money before your business looks anything like that vision you have. Moving into the plans and ideas you’ve designed for yourself will take a lot of effort, usually a hundred times more than you ever imagined or anticipated. The idea of putting yourself on your big stage tomorrow morning at nine is a huge undertaking; it’s not how life works.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. What your being asked to do here is a small step towards that big dream, a small step but a very important one, one that gets you at the start of your vision. If your business is a thousand steps, you need to make that first one; the first one could be to just get one client. That’s it, then go from there. The path to your business will reveal itself as you keep moving forward.

Chunk your vision down into manageable pieces, so instead of thinking about starting and running a business with everything needed to run a business, start with getting a single client that will pay you for something you know how to do. To get the life you want you have to get out of your head and take a single step.

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